About Me

About Me

Justin Hillgrove is a Pacific Northwest artist who loves painting monsters, robots and other such nonsense. Mostly self taught, he spent a decade in the design industry before setting out on his own to spend his days painting. Since 2005, Justin has worked on everything from comics and toys, to board games and children’s books, though he is most well known for his own original fine art. Some memorable projects have included painting murals for Facebook in Seattle and London, participating in the Schulz Museum’s artist-in-residence program, and creating covers for Boom Studios / Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time comic.

Justin currently lives in Snohomish, Washington with his wife, four kids, some chickens and a dozen or so imaginary friends.

2020 Update:

Justin is still creating but has also taken on some additional freelance work that prevents him from spending much time pursuing his own “Imps and Monsters” art. And obviously he is not currently attending any in-person shows and events. Even before this “interesting” year he had been struggling with some chronic health issues that have affected his energy levels and ability to work and those continue to adversely affect him. Even so, he sneaks in some precious few hours here and there to paint and still loves it…

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