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Badland Rivals Kickstarter Coming Soon

Badland Rivals Card Game Teaser Shot
Badland Rivals Card Game Teaser Shot

Coming to Kickstarter Soon: CLICK HERE to go to the Kickstarter page where you can sign up for alerts.

You find yourself traversing the hostile, post-apocalyptic Badlands, chafing in the company of your fiercest Rivals. Many adventures befall you and your reluctant companions, and with each comes an opportunity to outshine them. Will you rise above your Rivals, or be left choking in their radioactive dust?

Badland Rivals is a 2-3 player push-your-luck card game.

During a game of Badland Rivals, players reveal Encounters, reading them out loud and choosing how to overcome them. Once a path is chosen, all players participate together, drawing from the Resource deck in an attempt to gather the most cards into their Packs, and finding useful equipment and collections along the way. They have to be careful though, because it is easy to overreach and end up with with nothing. After passing the last Encounter, the rivalry comes to a head and a final Showdown occurs. Players face off against each other using just the Resources gathered during the game. Victory Points are awarded for the quantity of Resource cards, with extra points awarded from special cards collected and equipped, and a bonus unique to each Character. 

Badland Rivals was designed with these principles in mind:

  • Fast and fun small box game with immersive theme and art.  
  • Simple enough for someone new to gaming, while having enough complexity for plenty of re-play and veteran gamers.
  • Simultaneous game play. 
  • An adventure with narrative and choice. 

I’ll be adding more details, how to play videos, etc. soon to the Kickstarter page. Thanks!