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Sketch-A-Day #31

This one will probably post out of order. It did not post at the airport like I thought it did 😛

Sketch #31 – In honor of my flight back home to Seattle from New York today…

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NY Toyfair 2013 / Plush Release

Just finished Day 1 of Toy Fair – It is exciting to see them in person and squish them in my hands.  They look great – A Crowded Coop did an amazing job bringing them to life! The new line of Imps & Monsters plush  includes 4″ backpack clips, and 6″ and 12” plush.
These should be available in a few months to the public – info on distribution coming soon!
Imps and Monsters plush in all its glory.
Dominic and Digby – 4″ Backpack clips
Tobias and Rupert – 4″ Backpack clips

Clarence 12″ Huggable Plush.
Edie and Angus – Set of 2 – 6″ plush
Ewan – 14(?)” Plush Playset – This gelatinous gent comes with three 4″ mini plush (the third is not pictured) that can be stuffed inside his 3 holes (belly, side of head, back).
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Sketch-A-Day #26

Sketch #26 was actually my dad’s idea. He thought’d be funny if a kid was playing “spin-the-bottle” with a bunch of monsters…