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Free nativity sketch download

A bunch of people asked me for a print of this little nativity doodle I had posted via social media. Here’s a link to a high-res file you can download and print for free on your end:



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Open Studio 11/25 – 11/26

UPDATE: Big thanks to everyone who came out to see me. It was fun to have so many come by and tour the studio. I’ll definitely be doing this again next year. Thanks again, Justin.



Black Friday Studio Sale
November 25 – 26, 2016
10am-5pm Friday and Saturday
7110 184th Street SE, Snohomish, WA 98296
My studio will be open and available to visit Friday and Saturday 10am-5pm and I’ll have prints, books, toys and more for sale with some great deals and swag for those who can make it out.

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Board Game Launch Delayed

By Order Of The Queen


Okay, okay – I know what you are thinking. I keep saying that we are launching soon and we keep postponing.

We are working and polishing this gem and will finally be launching this January 2017. Though that is still a bit off and the Kickstarter campaign will be running several months later than expected, the good news is that the later campaign won’t actually delay the production of the game. Had we launched earlier as we had hoped to, we still would have been working on getting the files ready for press well into February 2017. Anyways, thanks for your patience!

Some general info about “By Order Of The Queen”:

“By Order of the Queen” is a 2-4 player family-friendly cooperative fantasy board game where each player plays a party of adventurers. Go on quests, visit the town, fight monsters and follow the Queen’s orders to bring stability and order back to the kingdom.

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Plush Toys & Key Caps 40 – 50% OFF

plush-salePlush Toys & Key Caps 40 – 50% OFF


My friends at The Coop (the company that produces my plush toys and key caps) are clearancing some merch to make room in their warehouse. That means all my plush toys and key caps are available from my site for drastically reduced prices until they sell out. So if you are looking to expand your collection or pick up some gifts, check it out on the “SHOP” page.
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Daily Sketches Are Starting Up Again! Drawing 1 – 3.

Sketch-A-Day #1
Sketch-A-Day #1
Sketch-A-Day #2
Sketch-A-Day #2
Sketch-A-Day #3
Sketch-A-Day #3

Not-Quite-Daily Sketches Are Starting Up Again

It’s been awhile since I ended my sketch-a-day but I’ve been wanting to start it up again and it is finally happening now! I may post some of my new Daily Sketch feed here in the blog, but the best way to follow them is to follow me on Instagram or Facebook. I’ll most likely be posting 3-5 sketches a week but I’ll try to keep it up.

instagram @impsandmonsters

facebook @impsandmonsterspage

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Goldilocks “Just Right” Timelapse Video

YouTube 3 Bears

Here’s another acrylic painting time-lapse video with voice over – I hope you like it.

YouTube video URL:

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The Doomicorn

The Doomicorn
The Doomicorn

The Doomicorn is here!

FREE Coloring Page Download – CLICK HERE

Giclée Print available here

Doom IG

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Two New Miyazaki – Sendak Mash-ups by Justin Hillgrove

Its been a couple years since my last Miyazaki/Sendak crossover and I’d been itching do another these last few months, though I think what really sparked the desire was listening to “Howl’s Moving Castle” again on audiobook (for probably the seventh time). I finally sat down in June and started looking over my worn out copy of “Where The Wild Things Are” (easily my favorite Children’s Book of all time) and started roughing out what new spread I might use. There were two spreads in particular that I could not decide between, and in the end I decided to paint them both.

I started with rough pencil doodles to figure out what Miyazaki characters would best fit the roles they’d be playing, and then I spent three days cleaning up the drawings and inking them while in my booth at the Edmonds Arts Festival in June 2015. Afterwards I picked out a couple canvases (18″ x 36″ is probably my favorite size canvas to paint on) and then spent the next few weeks painting…

Hungry and Homesick

“Hungry And Homesick”

18″ x 36″ acrylics on canvas. 2015.

Another in my tribute series mashing up “Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak and some of my favorite Studio Ghibli (Hayao Miyazaki) characters: Kamaji, No Face (Spirited Away), Totoro and San (Princess Mononoke). There are a kodama and some soot sprites in there too.


Hungry and Homesick


Well Eat You Up

“We’ll Eat You Up – We Love You So”

18″ x 36″ acrylics on canvas. 2015.

Another in my tribute series mashing up “Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak and some of my favorite Studio Ghibli (Hayao Miyazaki) characters: San (Princess Mononoke), Totoro, No Face (Spirited Away), Ponyo, Turnip Head (Howl’s Moving Castle), Haku (Spirited Away), and an Ohmu (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind). There are kodama and some soot sprites in there too.

The title is part of the text from the page of “Where The Wild Things Are” that this painting is based on.


We'll Eat You Up - We Love You SoClose Up

Close up details…


Work in progress…

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8-Bit Heroes & Bosses

8Bit Heroes Bosses

8-Bit Heroes and 8-Bit Bosses were created for iam8bit Gallery’s 10th Anniversary Show that opened June 18th (Los Angeles, CA). The show celebrates retro games from Super Nintendo and earlier. This set of acrylic paintings represent my favorites from the original NES that we had as kids. Pictured top to bottom are Dr. Wiley vs Mega Man, King Koopa vs Mario, Mother Brain vs Samus, Ganon vs Link, and King Dedede vs Kirby.

Prints are now available through them or here on

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Designed by David Gerrard • Art by Justin Hillgrove
Design and Layout by Travis Torgerson

Successfully Funded on Kickstarter and Arriving Fall 2015

The Game

JunKing is a 2-4 player strategy card game (UPDATE: 5-6 player expansion now included) set in a corner of artist Justin Hillgrove’s Imp Lands world called the “Junk Lands”. The Junk Lands are a place where old, lost and broken items collect into huge heaps and mounds. Scavenger Imps are the dominant creatures there and they love their home – to them the Junk Lands are full of endless riches and so their days are spent sifting, collecting and guarding their individual junk hoards. Scavenger Imp society is built on this and so those with the best junk hoards rise to the top of their tribe.  That’s what “JunKing” is all about. Each player hoards valuable junk, while keeping an eye out for the most prestigious piece of junk in the Junk Lands… The Crown.

JunKing was designed with three goals in mind: It had to have simple mechanics, take as few as 15 minutes to play, and it had to have strong strategic layers interwoven into it.

During play, everyone draws off the same shuffled deck of cards in the center of play, called the Junkpile. On your turn, you draw a card, place a piece of junk into play from your hand, then activate one of the actions on your junk or use your character’s ability.

All junk is worth something. In the junkpile, there is one card that is the most coveted of items called The Crown. Once a player draws that card, the game is over and everyone adds up the points displayed on the pieces of junk they have found. You also have a Hoard of used junk that increases the value of your collection. The player with the most points wins the current round. The game only takes about 15 minutes to play, and is designed for multiple rounds of play.





Downloadable Rules PDF

Junking On KickStarter

Board Game Geek

Interview with David Gerrard by Inquisitive Meeple



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