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Painting Demo – Bat

People often ask me about my painting process, so I decided to set up a camera in my studio and video an entire painting session. The bat I painted in this demo is acrylics on a 5″ x 7″ canvas. He took just around 4 hours to complete, though for the video I sped it up 800% and clipped out a few lulls, bringing the video to about 12 total minutes in length. That seems a bit long to me still, but I get bored watching myself paint – maybe you’ll like it more than I do…

A quick plug for Justin Bergevin, a fellow artist (and my brother-in-law) – Thanks for letting me use some of your music for the video!

This is my first video of this kind, so any comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

Justin Hillgrove

3 thoughts on “Painting Demo – Bat

  1. UM love the skateboard idea in the background.

  2. it wont play on the wii.

  3. Incredible! Great to watch you do a project.

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