Literal Levity


10″ x 20″ acrylics on canvas. 2017. Part of Justin Hillgrove’s 2017 exhibition “Well Read.” The show focused on storytelling, books and reading.


Book Imps gravitate towards a specific genre of book, and will devour every word of their chosen genre, pausing only to prank unwary librarians, and to pilfer snacks from vending machines and unguarded school lunchboxes. They take everything they read literally and believe all books to be non-fiction. As a result, Book Imps that lean towards the horror genre are afflicted with all kinds of anxiety and emotional trauma, and those of the romance and mystery pursuations are insufferably meddlesome. Despite their voracious appetites for the written word, Book Imps refuse to read eBooks, nor do they believe anything they see on the internet.

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