The Nine Lives Of Señor Gato


16″ x 20″ acrylics on canvas. 2022.

Life # 1 was ages ago and he was known then as Gato the Grey, Order of Meowlin, hailing from a long line of magically potent familiars and symbols of both good and ill omen. His life ended either in a disaster in his lab, or possibly he was eaten by a lab – it was so long ago that the history is a bit fuzzy.

Life # 2 was filled with one bad choice after another. He was a talented cat burglar whose rise to infamy was cut short when his sardine-slicked paws could not properly grip the getaway ledge. During his fatal fall, his last thoughts were of how he really should have followed his dreams of becoming a physical therapist rather than following his good-for-nothing brother-in-law down this slippery crime-filled slope…