Word Travels East


12″ x 24″ acrylics on canvas. 2017. Part of Justin Hillgrove’s 2017 exhibition “Well Read.” The show focused on storytelling, books and reading.

“Word Travels East”

Before the books arrived, the villagers’ time was spent collecting shiny but useless trinkets or staring vacantly at the cacophonous boxes that held such prominent places in their homes. The words on the pages brought knowledge, enchantment and adventure to them in a way they hadn’t dreamed possible before. Many in the village decided to gather their new favorite books and set off in different directions to share their discovery.

Emyr and his old friend Tudur journeyed to the East with their literary selections and a few friendly stowaways.  They are both enamored with the fantasy and adventure genres, though Tudur will read anything with a tortoise in it. Roald Dahl’s “Esio Trot” is his favorite.

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