In The Beginning, It Is Always Dark (The Neverending Story tribute) (Original Painting)


18″ x 24″ acrylics on canvas. 2018.

“In The Beginning, It Is Always Dark” is a tribute to “The Neverending Story” published in 1979 by German author Michael Ende (published originally in German as “Die unendliche Geschichte” and later translated into English), then adapted for film in 1984. When everything goes dark at the end of the film, just Sebastian and the Childlike Empress are left conversing and Sebastian asks “Why is it so dark?” The Childlike Empress replies: “In the beginning, it is always dark.”

DISCLAIMER: My works of tribute and parody are expressions of dedication protected by the 1st Amendment in the case of parodies, and by Fair Use in the case of tributes and mash-ups (as they are “transformative” and are in my own unique style, and do not damage the copyright holder’s reputation, branding or financial standing). I only tribute those things which I both know and love, and that are of large enough standing and reputation that my tribute will not damage them in any way. Said pieces of art are not licensed nor endorsed by the original authors unless otherwise noted in the description. They are not intended to represent the views of the copyright holders, are not a product of the original authors, nor are they intended to emulate work originating from said authors (i.e. I’m not trying to fool anyone into thinking this is licensed material originating from the company of origin). I encourage all to support the actual authors and copyright holders of the brands and characters they love whenever possible.

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