“Colliding Crowns” Playing Cards (Numbered Seal, Limited Edition)


Colliding Crowns is a 54-card limited edition poker-sized playing card deck, Printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) on casino-quality card stock and illustrated by me, Justin Hillgrove. (See the Kickstarter Campaign & Video: CLICK HERE).

  • LIMITED EDITION – (Just the one run and done)
  • Printed by USPCC in the U.S.A
  • Casino-quality cards with Air Cushion Finish
  • Custom tuck box, cards and back
  • Functional & clean design
  • Easily distinguishable suits

Numbered Seal Decks have a custom deck seal that is individually numbered (X of 1000). (The seal is that stamp that “seals” the deck closed  – standard in poker and playing card decks. The seal must be “broken” in order to open the deck the first time. In this case it is an individually numbered seal that contains custom artwork in theme with the the deck, increasing the sealed decks collectability and value).


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