Sketchbook 2 (Digital eBook)


This eBook was originally printed and published in 2013 by Justin Hillgrove / Imps and Monsters (printed in Snohomish, WA at the Snohomish Publishing Company). It is a collection of 80 sketches done in a single year using an ink pen and markers.

Pages: 82
Format: Digital, PDF

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EBook is ©2013/202 Justin Hillgrove/Imps and Monsters. All rights reserved. Permission is granted for the purchaser to print the ebook or individual pages FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Special permission is also granted for educators who have purchased this eBook to print or copy individual pages for FOR EDUCATIONAL OR CLASSROOM USE ONLY. Do not otherwise distribute (physically, electronically, etc.) this eBook or its contents without permission. Justin Hillgrove may be contacted via email for inquiries: Not for resale or commercial use.