The Imp Lands: The Complete Series (Digital)


Ten years in the making, “The Imp Lands: The Complete Series” collects all ten issues making up the complete story arc, a couple of mini-sodes, and some fun Imp Lands lore. Chapter one is in full color, as are the chapter heads (the cover art for each individual chapter). Issues two through ten are black and white. There is also a full color “Field Guide to the Imp Lands,” and two full color short adventures: “Evyl’s Epilogue” (written and illustrated by Calvin Hillgrove, fellow artist and Justin’s son), and “Tori Finds Her Courage” (written by Deborah Collins and illustrated by Justin Hillgrove). This digital version also contains a bonus chapter to the very end of the e-book (not included in the print edition): It’s the original (out-of-print) first issue I created in ink and marker, (Later re-drawn and colored).

The Imp Lands follows the adventures of a variety of creatures that call the Imp Lands their home. Art, a young human, is tossed into The Imp Lands in pursuit of a mysterious imp that steals his Human shape and leaves him to wander as an Infernal Imp. What follows is a host of adventures including a mission to save the Imp Lands from the Infernal Master’s plan to unleash a tide of Chaos Imps. The Imp Lands is an epic tale of adventure, comedy, and feels.

PAGES: 300 Pages
DIMENSIONS: 8″ x 10″ x .8″
FORMAT: Digital / PDF
RATING: Basically all ages, but it does contain some big words that younger readers will struggle with, as well as some comic violence/mischief.
CREDITS: ART: Justin Hillgrove; Russel Roehling (Inking – Chapter 3); Calvin Hillgrove (Evyl’s Epilogue); Jovial Hillgrove (Color Flats – Tori Finds Her Courage). STORY: Justin Hillgrove, Brent Hillgrove & Deborah Collins. EDITOR: Deborah Collins
CATEGORY: Graphic Novel, Collection, Comics, Humor, Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy

PLEASE NOTE: This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. There is no product shipped, you will instead be able to download the PDF ebook after purchase. The following Files will be provided:

  • The Imp Lands Complete.pdf –  This is the entire collection in a single file, and is just over 100 mb. The Kindle App will not import files over 50 mb, so I’ve also included the book broken up into 3 parts.
  • The Imp Lands Pt1.pdf– Issues 1 – 5. As noted above, file size on Part 1 – 3 is small enough to add to Kindle App.
  • The Imp Lands Pt2.pdf – Issues 6 – 10.
  • The Imp Lands Pt3.pdf – A Field Guide to the Imp Lands; Bonus Mini-sodes: “Evyl’s Epilogue” & “Tori Finds Her Courage”; And DIGITAL ONLY BONUS: The original first issue I created in ink and marker (Later re-drawn and colored).

EBook is ©2014-2024 Justin Hillgrove/Imps and Monsters. All rights reserved. FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  Do not distribute (physically, electronically, etc.) this eBook or its contents without permission. Justin Hillgrove may be contacted via email for inquiries: Not for resale or commercial use.