By Order Of The Queen Tabletop Game

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By Order of the Queen is a 2-4 player cooperative fantasy RPG-lite board game that plays in 90-120 minutes. Players take on the role of a Guildmaster of the Kingdom of Tessandor. There are so many heroes wanting to help the Queen that the guilds have been tasked with assigning heroes to protect the Kingdom as they see fit. During the game, players will draw a hand of heroes and take turns assigning them to quests, combat, or completing the orders of the Queen. As time passes the kingdom falls further into darkness, so players must work together to complete the Queen’s perfect plan to secure Tessandor’s future.

[Download the RULE BOOK here]

Game Design: David Gerrard

Artists: Justin Hillgrove + Zach Vail

Graphic Design & Layout: Travis Torgerson

Product Description:

2 – 4 Players

90 – 120 Minutes

Ages 10+

Contains: 20 page full color rulebook; Over 300 cards (including: 64 Hero Cards, 49 Item Cards, 52 Monster Cards, 21 Event Cards, 100 Location Cards, 8 Nemesis Cards, 12 Queen’s Orders, 24 Quest Cards, 8 Guild Cards); 94 tokens; Game board; Graveyard sideboard; 10 dice

11.5 x 11.5 x 3 in

4.5 lbs