Tyler Sigman’s Crows – Retail Edition


Crows is a competitive 2 – 4 player tile placement game where every player takes on the role of an outcast mage on the kingdom of Tessandor (same setting as “By Order of the Queen”). A once-in-a-lifetime event is causing the crows of the Obsidian Wastes to give off mana that can be collected in magical stones. Players score Mana Stones by enticing the crows to flock to their totem. End the game with the most Mana Stones to win.

Game Design: David Gerrard

Art: Justin Hillgrove

Graphic Design & Layout: Travis Torgerson

Product Description:

2 – 4 Players

30 – 45 Minutes

Ages 10+

RETAIL edition contains: Rulebook, 61 Map Tiles, 1 Nightfall Tile, 1 First Player Token, 59 Mana-Stone Tokens, 4 Mana Corruption Tokens, 36 Wooden Crow Meeples, 1 Wooden “Queen” Crow Meeple, 4 Resin Mana Totems, 24 Spell Cards, 4 Double-sided Character Cards.

8.5 x 11 x 3 in

2.8 lbs

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