The Imp Lands – Comic Book Issue #1 (FULL COLOR EXTENDED EDITION)

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The Imp Lands – Comic Book Issue #1
Indie published & printed locally in WOODINVILLE, WASHINGTON, USA.

An unlucky human boy cursed by an infernal imp is tossed headlong into lands populated by imps, monsters, robots and spirits. Join him and his Narwhalicorn, a robot and forest imp, a trio of war imps, A sasquatch and yeti, a large, woolly forest protector and other such creatures in the Imp Lands…

This is the color edition – It has a couple extra pages of story content (though the actual physical page count of the issue remains the same). As inventory began to run out of issue 1, Justin decided to rework and color the first issue before going to print again.

©2017 Justin Hillgrove.

Cover: Full color
Interior: 24 FULL COLOR pages
Binding: Saddlestitch. Dimensions: 8″ x 10″
Weight: 3 oz.

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