The Imp Lands – Comic Book Issue #4

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The Imp Lands – Comic Book Issue #4

Cover, Pencils & Inking by Justin Hillgrove
Story by Justin Hillgrove & Brent Hillgrove

The adventures continue as Art and Mr. Narwhalicorn wrestle with an old enemy, and Lundy, Kipp, Digby and Clarence finally arrive at their destination in the Bad Lands.  Fritz’ crew has a brush with danger in the Junk Lands and Tori, Ursicorn and Clod hit the trail to track down pinecone-hurling evil.

©2017 Justin Hillgrove. Indie published & printed locally in WOODINVILLE, WASHINGTON, USA.

Cover: Full color
Interior: 24 Black & White pages
Binding: Saddlestitch. Dimensions: 8″ x 10″
ISBN # 978-1-4951-9214-2

Content is ALL AGES but does include cartoon violence.