Imps and Monsters Blind Box Mini Plush – Series 1


Some are friendly, awkward or mischievous. Others are shy, indifferent, or even openly hostile. Whatever their quirks and oddities, these Imps and Monsters have overcome general anti-human prejudices (and rather severe allergies in some cases) to come out of hiding and hang with us.

Just remember, most are more afraid of you than you are of them…

3-1/2″ Mini Plush Toy. Sold only as randomly selected blind box. (What is Blind Box? See FAQ page ) 1 mini plush + sticker with character info/story per blind box.

Collect all 13 characters.


Case of 12 plush comes with POP display. Case includes 12 individually packaged blind-boxed plush + POP display box. You may receive duplicates and are not guaranteed to receive all the characters pictured above.

(Designed by Justin Hillgrove and A Crowded Coop. Made in China.)

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.