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Sketch-A-Day #100

Sketch-A-Day #100

Sketch-A-Day #100

Sketch-A-Day #100. ©2013 Justin Hillgrove.

Made it to #100 – WOOHOO! I decided to make a sped-up video of this sketch start to finish. My last video was kind of hard to see, so armed with a new camera and better lighting you can actually see the pencil lines on this video.

Special thanks to my friend and fellow artist/photographer Marcus Young @LastingImpArt

2 thoughts on “Sketch-A-Day #100

  1. Love process videos. It amazes me that you did not feel it necessary to turn he sketch book. It is hard for me to draw with the sketchbook in one place. Great control!

  2. Thanks Kevan! I usually do turn my sketchbook constantly, but made an effort to keep it straight for the camera 😛

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