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Sketch-A-Day #218 – Doctor Who Tribute


Sketch-A-Day #218. 2014 Justin Hillgrove.

Most of you know I’m a big fan of Doctor Who (though I don’t usually refer to myself as a “Whovian” since that word weirds me out). Anyways, a tribute to The Doctor and the weeping angels. Cheers!

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Sketch-A-Day #217

Link_Hillgrove_Collab Sketch_800

This sketch was a collaboration between myself and my friend and fellow artist, Jesse link ( ). Sitting in our respective booths at opposite ends of the Fremont Fair last weekend we passed this page back and forth a couple times taking turns sketching on it.

Sketch-A-Day #217. ©2014 Justin Hillgrove & Jesse Link.

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Sketch-A-Day #216

Sketch-A-Day #216. ©2014 Justin Hillgrove.

Hey Seattle friends – I’m at Fremont Fair all weekend (6/21 – 6/22)

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Sketch-A-Day #212


Sketch-A-Day #212. ©2014 Justin Hillgrove. If you are thinking “I bet Justin has quite a story to go along with this picture” you would be mistaken – I’ve no idea what this turtle-guy is doing carrying around a jar of jellyfish and looking so pleased about it.