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Sketch #241


Sketch #241 ©2014 Justin Hillgrove.

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Sketch #238


Sketch #238. ©2014 Justin Hillgrove.

I took a break from social media and posting for a couple weeks but I am back now (I think). Here’s part 1 of 2 of this sketch. I’ll post the other part (#239) tomorrow.

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Sketch #236


Sketch #236. ©2014 Justin Hillgrove.

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Sketch #226

Sketch #226

So I decided to lose the “a-day” part of my sketch-a-day since it is obviously not happening every day. While I do sketch most days, some of it is for “secret projects” I can’t post and others are scribbles done in the middle of night in darkness so I don’t forget an idea that has made its way to me at a very inconvenient time. In addition I am out of the studio a lot lately and don’t make it to the computer on those days to do any posting.  So anyway, I’ll keep numbering them and posting them but I’ll drop the whole “daily” pretense 😛


Sketch #226. ©2014 Justin Hillgrove.

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Sketch-A-Day #223


Sketch-A-Day #223. ©2014 Justin Hillgrove.
If you look at this upside down you can see he’s wearing a robot on his head.

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Sketch-A-Day #210


Sketch-A-Day #210. ©2014 Justin Hillgrove.