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The Imp Lands: The Complete Series coming soon to Kickstarter

Coming to Kickstarter Soon: CLICK HERE to go to the Kickstarter page where you can sign up for alerts:


The Imp Lands follows the adventures of a variety of creatures that call the Imp Lands their home. Art, a young human, is tossed into The Imp Lands in pursuit of a mysterious imp that steals his Human shape and leaves him to wander as an Infernal Imp. What follows is a host of adventures including a mission to save the Imp Lands from the Infernal Master’s plan to unleash a tide of Chaos Imps. The Imp Lands is an epic tale of adventure, comedy, and feels.


The Imp Lands Collection is ten chapters, plus bonus segments. Chapter one is in full color, as are the chapter heads (the cover art for each individual chapter). Issues two through ten are black and white. There is also a full color “Field Guide to the Imp Lands,” and a full color short adventure written and illustrated by Calvin Hillgrove, fellow artist and Justin’s son.

PAGES: 276 Pages. 

RATING: ALL AGES: Does contain comic violence/mischief.