The Imp Lands

An unlucky human boy cursed by an infernal imp is tossed headlong into lands populated by imps, monsters, robots and spirits. Join Art and Mr. Narwhalicorn, a robot and forest imp, a trio of war imps, a sasquatch and yeti, a large, woolly forest protector and other such creatures in The Imp Lands

What are the Imp Lands?

The Imp Lands are a collection of regions populated by many types of imps, monsters and robots. The Forest Lands, Swamp Lands, Junk Lands, Waste Lands, the mysterious Under Lands and so many others each have their own distinct features, terrains and cultures. Though there are many peaceful places within the Imp Lands, there is also near constant conflict. War Imps are always raiding neighboring lands; The Robot Lands are tightly bottled up and no outsiders are allowed in or out; And the Bad Lands are a dangerous and barren waste created during an ancient war between robots and imps.

The Imp Lands brush up against the Human Lands in just a few places, but most of those gateways are either protected or hidden because the one thing all inhabitants of the Imp Lands can agree upon is that humans are trouble. Trouble can swing both ways though, and at times inhabitants of the Imp Lands will find themselves in the oddest of places.

The Imp Lands is an ongoing, independently-published comic book series by Justin Hillgrove. It is meant to be read in order as it has an ongoing plot and story line. Subject matter is all ages, though there is some fantasy and cartoon violence. All issues are in black and white except the Special Color Edition of Issue One. A minimum of one issue is released per year in March (in time for Emerald City Comicon) and the series will be approximately 12 issues long. The story follows the adventures of several different groups of characters in the Imp Lands.

Welcome to the Imp Lands…